Some goodbyes are often uncertain and heartbreaking but essential and need of the time. From forever thing to never ever, from beginning to end, from creation to devastation we move on (even we stay).

Strange, how people change even if their emotions were true….did they really had feelings!? then why they changed so far….when people try to move on and somehow they make it people doubt this only were they even truthful!? no one pays heed to the the backbone of the story everyone focuses on “hey! you listened that?”

You even don’t know what phase that heart has seen if it’s not sayin anything doesn’t mean it has not suffered just it has not shown what it had been through…….such people are MASTERPIECE!

Like how you do that? ask them once what’s their story. They suffer in silence but never say anything to anyone just because they believe in radiating positive aura and not troubling others’ lives.

And people claim such people to be cold-hearted, changed, not giving a damn about others….not they are egoistic just they know how it feels to be suffered silently….Gamblers responsible for this act as victims and turn the whole situation, what the another else can say rather than staying silent , how one can stay with someone who turned so far just to satisfy his/her own guilt as a good notebook deed!

If you are strong enough within yourself ask their story! but never call emotions ‘fake’

Everyone needs care! Take care!



vibes….are they for real!?

“vibes never lie….” , “believe in vibes” and else else…..

what are vibes? are they something like magic threads or wot? people say that it’s syncing of souls and human natures….right ofc!

But, instead of believing on such an underrated form of magic we have made it a trend….where there is a vibe post or quote people they just jam or spam over it….

I mean c’mon it’s not something which can be explained in words….say, how can you explain the sensations of meeting up with a long distance friend or what words can you use to describe how was first fallin’ in love felt? WE ARE SPEECHLESS, right!

They are the aura and synchronization of beautiful irenic forms of human nature that simply can’t be acclimatized in few words or even paragraphs! Even, i’m just writing for them and am lacking words for how can i describe what i feel for vibes , the aura , the sensations.

Different people have different notions about vibes and VIBES are not a TREND & people need to normalize understanding it….

The Aura & Vibes are all an exaggerated form of UNIVERSE’S SUPREMACY and I do BELIEVE in it!


“Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world.”

Human willpower is the most powerful and effective instrument one possesses in him/herself. If there would be no strong willpower then there would be no social reforms, no one would ever think of a society where everyone would be independent in their own terms. Somehow, this willpower gets defied due to hundreds of reasons. Instead of working for public good we become greedy and little bit self-possessive. We begin to think that how can only one person can come out with the renovation of the world.

But one must not forget that a masterpiece starts with one artist’s idea and then other people too support and admire those efforts. Inside all of us kindles the light for change, for a new perspective in the eyes of people.

It’s all silent before tsunami but when it arrives, accompanies a lot of changes!

 Never give up on your willpower 🙂

~Shreeya Airan

“Be Your Own Shine….”

Like, we have always went through this either on Google or any Social Media…never mind that…But have we ever thought that, “What was the need for this quotation or why this was made!?” Well, this question or should say the thought when struck me….I just asked myself, my conscience….then a very beautiful answer came and it was, “The SUN knows what you do, but the MOON knows all your secrets…”

And I felt like so deep man! We all being busy all day, all sunshine…that we are just left ourselves in the dark nights and here also we play the role of “SUFFERING-BOTS” at night who has got all enigmas within ourselves…..

We have forgotten that even in the dark nights or in the darkest phase of your life….”BE YOUR OWN SHINE DARLING!”

~Shreeya Airan

My Heart Says This….

“Sometimes the most calmest person is the person whose soul and heart were broken once….”

The statement is itself a compliment for those who were once broken but now only they are the ones who know that YES!

For those who are thinking that only they are suffering…Man! you are not alone everyone is somehow suffering in some and another way….So be KIND to everyone….cuz’ you also have got that heart and if someone pokes at you….The FEELING you FEEL….the other has also got some emotions too…

~Shreeya Airan

You know what sometimes we feel like okay –

“I am self-sufficient” “Damn! I don’t need anyone”

But on this point only sometimes we are mistaken, when we are feeling like gettin’ lost it’s the time when we truly want someone who discover us….who just listens to us without any sort of “JUDGEMENT”……But honestly sayin’ we have got more mouths rather than ears…..But it’s not worth sayin’ that always we need someone…(Just contradicting my own thought) I mean like just look at you! Do you think if they say you need to be improved…Oh just behave right…I say like what the hell are you here to do with my behavior….Just stop Judging….It would be much better!

~Shreeya Airan

“This person is such a freak!”

“Oh my God! he’s driving is so rash, he’s totally a jerk :/ ” But maybe, he’s not a jerk…..

Sometimes what we seek as a person’s problem, is basically the situation problem…..No one wants to be a jerk or act like it, somehow it’s what the situation make him act and do like that!

Supposingly , you are in an emergency to reach somewhere and you are driving carelessly then someone may also comment that you are a “JERK” but are you truly a “JERK”!? it was just the situation that made you act like a careless jerk.

If we just judge someone only on the basis of his actions not listening the reason what made him do like that, then we are in an “ILLUSION THAT WE ARE TRUE HUMAN BEINGS”

~Shreeya Airan


Hey ya!

Just wanna know that people say that “WE LIVE ONCE” are you truly agreeing with it….i mean like why man! yeah okay you are right we have got one life….cuz’ we are not in a video game where we have at least got three lives….(obviously we all know) but still i just think that Life is a Life when we make out with it….We are just livin’ the life and still feeling “HOPEFULLY” can I get one more time chance….you have got the whole stage…DAMN! Make it yours….This may sound like okay one more time philosophy but trust me it’s never worth worrying or thinking about a one more chance…you can make it here only….

~shreeya airan